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3D Maze is a free adventure & puzzle game that brings the classic labyrinth into a whole new 3D level! Explore and find a way out of 12 amazing labyrinths. It's a little bit scary - there are no maps!
Climb to the top of tower, castle or pyramid and look down to see the exit point. Check how fast you can reach the end. 
At the last labyrinth you have to run fast as hell! You have only 10 minutes before volcano blows! When you pass the finish line, run to the boat area and escape from the island!

Also if you are fan of games like Minecraft or retro-blocky style you will definitely like this one - new Mazecraft level! 
Start the exploration and check out new funcionality dedicated only for this level - movable cubes! Now you can move boxes and demolish cube house. 
Maybe if you patient enough you can craft something?


 Download 3D Maze on Google Play!


22 January 2015